The New Way Forward For Mental Health Treatment

Orthomolecular Nourishment We are at a very precarious time in our history with regards to the traditional approach to mental health treatment. I have been informed by Psychiatrists and Doctors throughout the world that our traditional mental health system is broken and sadly in the words of Psychiatrist Dr. Alan Frances “causing much more harm than good”.  Prescribed psychotropic medications for mental health distress was only meant to be a very short term solution to symptoms, if at all. Prescribing of these medications as life long interventions became the norm when big money started to roll in. It is now typical practice to diagnose someone with a mental health disorder and have the Doctor or Psychiatrist impose a disease diagnosis for life by instilling fear in their patients that medications must be taken for life to manage symptoms. This tragic and all too common practice is destroying millions of peoples lives all around the world, all for the bottom line. Not only do people become innocent drug addicted patients but also these toxic medications lead to a whole spectrum of unwanted side effects that greatly reduce quality of life over the long term. There are so many different reason individuals can be experiencing mental health symptoms. These symptoms and prescribed psychotropic medications are not for life as patients are lead to believe. I often hear the argument that people says these medications save lives. My question to this statement is always, “but how is their quality of life while taking the medications?”

Each person is unique in their own way and also has a specific set of circumstances that that led to their symptoms. By adopting a holistic approach to treatment, and from my own personal experience, everyone has the opportunity to cure mental health challenges if one desires to. This is achieved by taking on the adventure of sourcing the root causes of ones symptoms. This journey requires discipline, focus, determination and a supportive community as there will be set backs on the road back to health. In my own personal healing journey I derived such pleasure from the synchronicity I experienced meeting talented holistic practitioners that each played a part in my recovery and discovery to abundant health on all levels mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For those of you reading this who are struggling, or who know of someone struggling with mental health symptoms I encourage you to research all the available resources on Orthomolecular Medicine. It is an holistic approach to treatment that is logical and simple in how it addresses sourcing root causes to mental health symptoms. I found this natural medical approach to medicine to be a core foundation in my healing journey. As someone who once experienced Bipolar symptoms for 18 years trapped inside the traditional western medical approach to mental health I am alive and well now as a psychiatric survivor to share that simple consistent common sense is the answer to treating challenging mental health symptoms.

The most important ingredient to success – never give up.