Bipolarized Production Team


Gordon1Gordon Henderson


Gordon Henderson founded 90th Parallel Productions in 1987. The company specializes in topical documentaries about science, history and current affairs. 90th Parallel’s films have aired around the world and won many national and international awards including two Geminis.

In 2012, 90th produced two films for CBC: The Norse: An Arctic Mystery about first contact and Wind Rush about the controversy over wind turbines. Other recent highlights include Journey to the Disaster Zone: Japan 3/11 with David Suzuki which ran on both CBC and NHK and Geologic Journey II, a five-part co-production with CBC, which also aired on Discovery Science and National Geographic International.

Among 90th’s many science documentaries are two films about neuroplasticity based on the best selling book The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr. Norman Doidge. Henderson also has a deep interest in history. Underground Railroad: The William Still Story recently ran on PBS and he was senior series producer of the celebrated CBC series Canada: A People’s History.

Before founding 90th Parallel Productions, Henderson was a parliamentary correspondent for Global Television News, a documentary producer on CBC’s The Journal and senior field producer on CTV’s W-5. For more than a decade he taught in the Journalism department at Toronto’s Ryerson University and now sits on the University of Western Ontario’s Journalism Advisory Council. He is past president of the board of Dixon Hall, a community service agency in downtown Toronto and is now is on the board of Face The Future, a medical missions foundation. He is also on the board of Opera Atelier.


Rita1Rita Kotzia


Rita is a television director and producer. For 17 years, Rita has written, directed and produced television series, documentaries and national news for broadcasters such as PBS, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Shaw Media, Rogers and CTV.

Highlights include: producing and directing for the French and English versions of We Will Remember Them/Pour ne pas les oublier, a two hour feature documentary on Canada’s fallen soldiers in Afghanistan for the CBC; Tough Choices, a documentary series for Rogers that covered issues such as the future of public unions and Canada’s role on delivering foreign aid; The Underground Railroad: The William Still Story that ran on PBS.

Her curiosity about the world, and love of documentary storytelling, led her to some interesting places. For Apocalypse 2012, she traveled the globe meeting doomsday preppers with their fierce determination to protect themselves from perceived danger. In CBC DocZone’s Paris Hilton Inc: The Business of Celebrity, she explored our obsession with celebrity culture and the massive profits that it wields & dove into the problems with global air travel in the documentary The Sky’s the Limit. Rita holds a BA in Communications Studies and Journalism as well as a master’s in Educational Technology from Concordia University.


ROSS1Ross McKenzie


After being on lithium for 16 years to treat his bipolar symptoms, Ross McKenzie progressively reduced his use of the psychotropic drug using orthomolecular medicine along with other alternatives: acupuncture, cellular cleansing, cranial sacral, psychoanalysis, osteopathy, structural integration, shamanic energy medicine, somatic experiencing, vitamin IV Therapy and IV heavy metal chelation, structural integration yoga, organic food diet, meditation, sourcepoint and a consistent physical fitness regime.

Ross is now healthy and vibrant. He is free from psychotropic medicine, free of any mental health symptoms, and most importantly living a joyful and creative life. These revelations are the driving force that have led him to share his compelling story through the documentary film Bipolarized, that he co-produced with 90th Parallel Productions.

With a background in the entertainment business for the past 16 years, Ross feels honored to be partnered and working with 90th Parallel’s production team, one of the top documentary film production companies in Canada.

For the last 20 years, Ross has been exploring, researching and healing. To have his efforts culminate in Bipolarized, a film he hopes can support others to reclaim their own lives, is a dream come true.


Noelle Kim Chalifoux Film ProducerNoelle Kim Chalifoux


Many filmmakers have that one extraordinary cinematic experience in their lives – call it the story of origin – from which their intense love affair with film began. For Noelle, it came at the age of ten when she was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time. She was transfixed, she felt like Alice in Wonderland, falling through the large theatre screen into another world. Since then life has taken her through many twists and turns. As an adult, she travelled extensively throughout most continents, made thousands of lives brighter through her work, climbed the Himalayas, and explored her own demons; it is safe to say Noelle knows the light side and the dark side of this world. Her journey to finally become a filmmaker has been exciting, full of raw emotion, and of course, delightfully unscripted.

It started in August 2010, when Noelle connected with Ross McKenzie and learned about his harrowing journey through the mental health system. Realizing that his was a story that needed to be told, they brought their vision to Shaw Media and subsequently partnered with both Shaw Media and 90th Parallel Productions to produce the film. With the guidance of 90th Parallel, she was able to channel her enthusiasm into the production of her first documentary Bipolarized, having played an integral role behind the camera, in production, and in content development. Recently Noelle also finished producing a short film Run Rabbit with writer/director Britt Randle and completed work on Bejide, another short, with writer/actress Claira Pasieka. She recently founded Mad Courage Films Inc. and is working full steam on her next feature.


bruce1Bruce Lapointe


Long ago, Bruce arrived at a career crossroads and had to make a difficult choice – Harvard educated, billionaire astronaut philanthropist OR editor.

12 years later he has fine tuned the magic art of editing, re-editing, smashing keyboards and banging his head against the wall into a Gemini nominated career which has included projects for Bravo, CTV, CityTV, Shaw Media, Smithsonian Network, Discovery UK, TSN, The Comedy Network, HGTV, SRC, VisionTV, History Television and the National Film Board of Canada.

Having worked on such projects as a moving, two hour special on fallen soldiers, high octane sports docs, films about extreme religious practices and shows about the true “wild west” makes him seem really well rounded and interesting at parties.

Having said all this, however, at the end of the day he goes to sleep one organ at a time, like everyone else.



p1Mark Peachey


The founder of The Digitalist, a production company that specializes in the creation of film and video content for a wide spectrum of clients, Mark is an experienced cinematographer and filmmaker.

His passion for film started at a young age when he began shooting home videos and school projects. His enthusiasm to create artistic pieces through video led him to his studies at Queen’s University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film.

A 14-year veteran in the film industry, Mark has worked his way up from a production assistant on large scale productions in Toronto to heading the cinematography on a number of award-winning short films, documentaries, music videos, television series, commercials, corporate videos, and digital web content. He also regularly serves as a freelancing director of photography for Toronto’s major production houses. His past clients include Budweiser, Rogers, Sport Chek, PC Financial, East Side Mario’s, NHLPA, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto International Film Festival, Under Armour, Pitney Bowes, CN Tower, ADP, Newfoundland Tourism, Ontario Tourism, Canadian Tourism, the Pan American Games, and Goodlife Fitness.

Mark also enjoys partaking in various film festivals, researching and experimenting with the latest equipment and film technologies. He is an expert on film computer software and editing various formats of video content. Mark’s life long passion has been, and always will be, film. He is a team player and is always up for the challenge to create something new and inventive.